Spanx goes Haute Couture

As I am sure it is with most brides, it's ll about the dress. I easily found the one I knew, just knew, I had to spent my last day on this earth as Miss Jennifer Held in. It wasn't until I tried to find underwear to go with it that was the problem (low back in a 36DD is a lot harder than you would think). So of course I had to go online. But I think I have solved the problem with a low back bustier from Entiise Lingerie.

While I was looking around, I stumbled across this exciting bit of news, Spanx has just released their new Spanx Haute Couture line! Currently available at Neiman Marcus, it is a varied mix of invisible-under-clothing-lace accented shapewear. With the security of Spanx, and the super feminine design, you can't miss taking a look. I used to hate Spanx. Honestly, I did. I don't like that feeling of being "sucked in". One look at a picture of me in a certain form fitted red dress (no I will not be posting it) without some shapewear underneath has cured me. No fashion fear is worse than going out in public looking bad and not knowing it. At least with my Spanx I don't have to worry about my lumps and bumps getting more attention than I do, especially in red.

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