Some Styles are Just Timeless, Even When They're Trendy- Take the Little Black Dress aka "LBD"

I don't get paid to promote anyone, or get any kickbacks from retailers for bringing my clientele to them or even mentioning them in my blog. But when I find a retailer that excels in a certain aspect, I feel I must acknowledge them.

I am constantly online shopping. That doesn't mean I always make a purchase. Think of it as window shopping via the world wide web. I like to scroll through the various items online and make "wish lists" of the things I would buy if money were no object... sad but true. This also helps me to know what retailers are carrying in-store at that time.

I was searching around for LBDs (little black dresses) to update my look for some upcoming dinner parties I have scheduled. Neiman Marcus really impressed me with their wide selection of LBDs selection. My clients have hear me say over and over, my spiel on classic clothing. The little black dress, just like trech cpoats, never really go out of style. They just reinvent themselves every year. Classic does not have to mean boring.

You have to take a look for yourself! Here are the ones that I am looking at:

Black Halo Mini Jackie Dress
Cutouts are all the rage this fall, and this mid-priced number is oh so chic and a little cutting edge.

Herve Leger (pronounced air-veh lay-cher) Scoop Neck Dress

Okay, so maybe this tight-like-a-wetsuit dress isn't ideal for a dinner party, but this line (designed by Max Azria from BCBG) is the ultimate skinny dress. For the large price tag, I think I'll keep looking, but I can dream.

Robert Rodriguez Cutout-Shoulder Dress

I have a few RR dresses in my closet. I love that this dress incorporates the cut-out trend that is so popular right now, plus the one shoulder trend. I usually shy away from buying pieces that try to incorporate more than one trend because I feel like they go out of style more quickly. But for this well designed piece, I'll make the exception.

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