Retailers Pushing EARLY Christmas Sales- Start Shopping Now

Don’t be surprised to find Christmas sales located next to the school supplies and swimsuits this summer. Sears for example already has a “Christmas Lane” set up in their stores offering "Free shipping on Christmas Lane purchases over $60.” Is this really helping consumers beat the holiday rush, or have they gone Christmas in July crazy?

I blogged previously that about the inventory scare last-minute shoppers will find themselves in come late December. Why the rush to start holiday shopping? “Toys “R” Us claims there’s a need for early Christmas deals in tough times.1” I frankly agree. Shoppers (not just the addicted ones like me) are going to appreciate being able to spread their holiday shopping bills over a few months instead of having them all due in January. That’s on top of the fact that there may not be very good selection by the time we get our butts to the mall in December.

I suggest you start thinking about shopping early, and most importantly, have an expert help you ☺

1 “Why Christmas Is Coming Early This Year”, Aug 3, 2009 by Elaine Wong
Image courtesy of Toys"R" Us

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