California Business Casual- Shop your own closet and don't spend a dime. This gal had versatile pieces in her closet, she just didn't know it!
BEFORE: I don't think this is bad outfit actually. It just needs a few things: 1) a better shoe, heel preferably, to clean up the hem, 2) some kind of accessory. I'm thinking a big necklace, and 3) a jacket of some kind, probably a blazer.
AFTER: Notice two things: 1) the silhouette is "skinny on bottom, more blousy on top" and 2) it's the same pair of jeans and shoes!

Artsy Meets Tech- How to dress like an artist and appeal to the tech industry
BEFORE & AFTER: Notice that in the second image (the after image) whenever she decides to take off her jacket, she's still got a complete look on underneath. The belt will help define her proportions and waist.

I Mean Business- "Santa Cruz Chic" gets a work-appropriate upgrade
BEFORE & AFTER: Notice how the fit of the shirt in the after picture makes it look like this guy dropped like 20 pounds! And he did it all with the change of a shirt :)

Geek to Chic- What dressy casual is supposed to look like
BEFORE & AFTER: Clearly, this client really enjoys his new look, as he should. The fit of everything is impeccable :)

Summer Dressing is a Breeze- How to dress up your summer casual
BEFORE & AFTER: The trick all us stylists use? A belt! This client has a great figure and we show that off by dressing up her summer look with a pretty dress that's been belted.


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