Hump Day Special!- My Personal Fashion Icon

I have loved this chick since the moment I saw her. I thought to myself, yes! That's exactly what I've been wanting to dress like my entire life! It was love at first sight. Taylor Tomasi Hill is the artistic director to luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi and I think she's the sexiest fashion cyborg to ever rule in this industry. In a word, she is fierce!
But I digress. To bring it back down to earth, this particular image of Taylor is a study in layering, specifically the tops. A slim fit buttonup worn under a larger (men's? possibly) button, in the same color palette with the juxtoposition of a pattern and solid= brilliant idea. You get instant style and an additional layer for warmth. One thing I'd add however, some baubles. Knowing me, it'd be a statement necklace with a stud earring, both with some sparkle. 

Hopefully this post helps carry you forward into April with a little extra skip in your step.


Image(s) courtesy of Jak&Jil Blog


Hump Day Special!- Snake Skin & Stripes

Anh of 9-to-5chic blog does a perfect blend of business casual and edgey while also being feminine. In this recent installment, she jazzed things up by wearing more than one pattern at once. She mixed a striped dress with a snakeskin shoe. But she didn't stop there. She's also wearing a collared shirt *underneath* her dress (layering folks. It's all about building), a bright white/cream moto jacket and for kicks, flats! Her whole persona is just smart, feminie and edgey- a sure thing, as far as outfits go. It also happens to transition from day to night nicely. Simply remove the blouse underneath, add a big necklace and heel, convert the bag to be more night-appropriate by tucking away the cross-body strap and, boom goes the dynamite! You're good to go!


Image(s) courtesy of 9to5chic.com


Hump Day Special!- Pink on Pink

This is a great tone-on-tone look. It's a little more daring because of the color choice but it works beautifully. I also love the stark contrast in color with the use of black accessories. Classic look.

Late Afternoon

Image(s) courtesy of Late Afternoon


Charlotte Olympia- Once Upon a Shoe

Is anyone else feeling like there's a "face on my shoes" kind of thing going on right now? Or is it just me? Whatever the case may be, these shoes are cray, and I love them!

Charlotte Olympia "Sleeping Beauty Court" & "The Bear Necessities", Moda Operandi, $995 and $785 respectively.

Image(s) courtesy of Moda Operandi


Hump Day Special!- Let's Do This!

In an effort to help move us all through the week a little bit quicker, I came up with the idea of a Hump Day Special. Look for it every Hump Day (that's Wednesday to you non-with it folks) as a nice distraction from whatever it is that keeps you from feeling inspired. Working with clients for a living, even I need a little pick me up and the more I can share the awesome outfits I find, the better off we'll all be. Enjoy!

Always, when you can, play with the peak-a-boo effect. The perfect and easiest way to do this is by having a long sleeve undershirt with an interesting print or pattern or texture on it peak out from underneath a shorter sleeve sweater. It's a great way to add visual interest to an outfit.

Image(s) courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific


I just wanted to say....

And I really love bacon.
Because I really do appreciate all of you who read this blog. THANK YOU!

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How to: Tie a Scarf, Take 2

This lovely little video comes to you courtesy of YouTube via Wendy's Lookbook Channel. If you don't Wendy then you should. She's got a huge online following and presence and has tons of videos with neat tips and tricks for all your fashion and makeup needs.

While this video certainly has some overlap with the one posted previously, I like that hers allows you to click on individual thumbnails of particular looks at the end of the video. Plus, she offers more ways than a handful of styles.

Hopefully you take some time and learn a few of these new styles to freshen up your own look.

Image(s) courtesy of YouTube.com


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