High Fashion Knitting: Create sumptuous knitwear with Wool and the Gang's knit-kits

Put down those knitting needles and check this out! Want to test those lightning fast purl stitch skills against some high fashion? Now is your chance to get in on the action. Net-A-Porter introduces Wool and the Gang's knit kits. Check them out...

I especially like the Lil' Joe waistcoat kit:

"Wool and the Gang make knitting glamorous with their fun and fabulous gray Peruvian wool D.I.Y. waistcoat kit. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or to learn a new skill, it's time to pick up your needles and get in on fashion's coolest hobby.

Gray Peruvian wool cropped vest. Wool and the Gang vest has an open front, rolled seams and a contrast knit trim. Knit kit comes in a paper presentation bag and contains: a vest pattern, 4 balls of gray Peruvian yarn, a pair of 10mm wooden knitting needles, a sewing needle and two patches, (including an EXCLUSIVE 'Knit-a-Porter' patch). 100% wool. Handwash."

Images and quoted text courtesy of Net-A-Porter.com.

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