For the Fellas: Best Board Shorts

Surf's up! Whether you're a dad or just a single dude, when the summer comes a callin' you suddenly find yourself lounging shore-side. Beach time shenanigans are the best under a blazing sun with food, drinks, and surrounded by good friends, no? Make sure you're looking your best in an awesome pair of board shorts. You can wear them to lay out in or into the water. Plus, you throw a shirt on and they double as fancy going out pants! You guys are really lucky...your summer outfits take a lot less thought than us gals.

Complimentary color done in a large print makes these trunks terrific. Ambiguous "A' Board Shorts, $49, Nordstrom

At first glance the print looks like a shark detail. Up close it's actually humming birds! Who doesn't love a sensitive guy? Ambiguous "Long Beaks" Board Shorts, $49, Nordstrom

I like these a lot! Classic camo takes a shark-fin turn :) Quicksilver Waterman "Camofin" Board Shorts, $69.50, Nordstrom


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