"Thou Shalt Not Endure Mom Butt"- Our SF Indie Fashion Interview

When popular online resource SF Indie Fashion contacted us to help put together a denim buying guide, I thought YES! Now there's a tool I know most women would definitely benefit from. How many of us have looked at those neatly stacked squares of jeans and found them threatening? Digging for your size alone is an act of futility as no matter how hard you try those darn things tumble off and wind up in a mess on the floor. Plus, who knows if you even get the right style or fit and have to go back in for round two.

Needless to say I was thrilled (I'm even doing a little jig right now) to put some of our experiences onto paper as our heads are practically bursting with clandestine clothing knowledge from years spent as personal shoppers and wardrobe stylists.  It felt great to get that information out there, in a readily available and formidable fashion resource like SFIF*.

There's nothing like working with other people in the fashion industry who equally share your enthusiasm for sartorial problem solving.  They came armed with a list of queries ranging from how to pick the right pair of skinnies- now considered a staple in your closet- to butt pocket adornments and affordable denim options. Hopefully this guide with help everyone assuage any future denim debacles. Even in a city as seemingly laissez-faire as San Francisco, thou shalt not endure "mom butt", muffin top, or butt cracks.

To read the full article and check out SF Indie Fashion, click here.

*If you're not already, get acquainted with SF Indie Fashion. I've been following their tweets now for sometime and if you ever want up-to-the-minute San Francisco Indie Fashion information, start following their sartorial shout-outs immediately. They offer an insight into the independent fashion scene of SF, an area we in the industry value as it's what sets us apart from LA and NY.

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