Japan, No Limits on Innovation

In light of the recent events and tragedy unfolding over in Japan, I wanted to put my energy into a positive outlet and to pay homage to the brilliance of their fashion designers. These 3 particular artists pushed the boundaries of the industry and weren't afraid to express their creativity through otherwise "unmarketable" designs. It was fashion for arts-sake and for that, we should be grateful. There is beauty in even the most nontraditional and unexpected shapes and styles.

Issey Miyake, "Foiled Again"

Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons, "Surreal Touch"

Yohji Yamamoto, "I Do"

Know for their ability to adapt and evolve, Japan will certainly rebuild and return once again as the land of the rising sun.

Image(s) courtesy of blog.metmuseum.org

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