Japan, Far From Over

As much as I try, I cannot stop thinking about the disaster in Japan. It's on every news channel at every hour of the day and I for one am like a moth to the flame; I tune in at every chance I can. Even though I'm informed and have donated to relief effort, I still feel so helpless. I only wish I could do more. If you're feeling like me here's a GREAT website to check out and send in a donation. Not everything has to be about money but in times like these, everything is about community.

Second Harvest is an established non-profit in Japan that helps people in need. Even before the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of March 11, Second Harvest was busy donating food and items to the over 650,000 Japanese people without any type of "food security". They made it there mission to help those who couldn't help themselves and have now dedicated their energies to the relief effort. With so many thousands of people newly in need, any donation is happily accepted and greatly appreciated. 

Please take a little time out of your day and post this some place where others can be informed and start spreading the word. So far, only $25 million has been raised for Japan, a fraction of that contributed to Haiti and Hurricane Katrina. I know we can all do so much better than that. As George Takei tweeted on that fateful day: TodayWeAreAllJapanese

Image(s) courtesy of 2hj.org

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