How To Series: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

And thus begins my "How To" series to kick us all off in the right direction as the new year continues!
The goal is to tackle as many enigmatic issues in our sartorial lives as I can. From folding T-shirts to weather proofing your shoes, there are certain answers that seem to elude us. To throw another bone in the mix, why is it sales people can't agree on the right method either? Instead all you hear is that old saying: "I don't know. I just work here".


One of the greatest mysteries in life- at least to me- has been how to properly fold a fitted sheet. I always think, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FOLD THESE THINGS?! Perpetual laziness and no enthusiasm for laundry has me dumping my sheets in a crumpled mess in the closet. What drove me to answer this question today is because my wonderful but geriatric cat has vomited on my bed for the fourth time this week. I am getting more and more acquainted with fitted sheets than I ever thought possible.

The best thing about technology, particularly the internet, is that any question you might have has already been answered and usually comes with a handy video to give you the blow by blow. After watching this, I felt ready to properly fold any fitted bed sheet. Any size, any fabric, bring it on! I got so excited I even asked my BF if he'd like to practice. (He looked at me like I was crazy...rightfully so I think) Good thing I have some sheets washing right now to get my folding on. This of course also means that my cat has a fresh place to puke. Not that it matters much to him, I'm sure.

Image(s) courtesy of youtube.com & urbanblah.com

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