*Follow-up* "Stores That Shop For You"

As some of you dear readers know, I wrote an honest yet mildly defensive blog on an interesting new trend in online shopping: stores that shop for you. Well what I neglected to tell you was that I signed up and I did indeed create my own boutique. As a personal shopper, I'm a bit ashamed. But in my defense: I prefer my own retail therapy to be a "relaxing" hunt. Plus, I wanted to give them a chance to see if they could really do what I do best... the verdict is still out.

Here's my reaction to this: meh. It's not all bad though! I like the middle, patent nude pump a LOT but the other two, really?! The far left is just not my kind of shoe and the far right has a heel with an eating disorder. I'm 5' 9" honey, I need a little more stability than that.

So, they got 1 out of 3...I think they've got a ways to go. However, a glance down the side panel showed me I could request a new set of options! All I had to do was rate each shoe- which was fun because this is their rating system:

- and they would be happy to send me a new list of items more catered to my tastes. Truthfully, I can't wait to see what comes next. The fact I could be brutally honest and select "You're Joking?" as a means of communicating my dislike for a shoe was liberating. It also gave me a little more respect for the company.

We'll see what arrives in 3 to 5 days...

Image(s) courtesy of my boutique at justfab.com

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Jennifer Axcell said...

I'm using one right now as well, Sole Society. And I'm with you, meh. The selection is limited, and I actually like some of the shoes that I've seen which aren't featured in my "closet". I was actually able to purchase one of those "other" shoes by sending them an email. I don't know, I think I would prefer to just see ALL of the options and choose for myself.

But I have to say, the price and quality of the shoes I did receive were great.


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