How To Tie A Scarf

I love scarves, as do many other women.  But I get tired of wearing them the same way all the time.  Lucky for me, and now you, I found a great website with chic illustrations showing some great ways to incorporate scarves into more of your outfits.  Below are some of my favorites~
Butterfly Wrap
A beautiful way of tying a scarf, accenting the elegant you. Can be sported with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Step 1 Fold the scarf using the basic fold 3.
Step 2 Let it hang around your neck with roughly one third of the scarf on one side (A) and two-thirds on the other (B) and cross these as illustrated.
Step 3 Bring A upwards to make it pass through the cross so that a sort of loop is formed.
Step 4 After tossing A underneath B, let it pass through a second loop again.
Step 5 Now when you pull one end firmly, you’ll get your butterfly wrap ready!


A lovely scarf tying style; ready in a manner of seconds. Suitable to be worn with any outfit; the minimum effort required to get this style ready is the cause of its immense popularity.

Step 1 Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 3.
Step 2 Let it dangle around your neck with one side (B) a bit shorter than the other (A).
Step 3 Take A and after crossing it over B let it pass from under B so that a sort of loop is formed.
Step 4 Bring A towards the neck again
Step 5 After letting A go around the neck, bring it down again and let it pass through the loop that was made before (in step 3).
Step 6 Your casual wrap is ready!

Crown Wrap
This is a relatively informal but stylish way to cover the head, named so because it creates a fabric crown over the head. An oblong scarf is needed for this wrap style. 

Step 1 Drape the rectangular scarf over the head off-centered so that one end hangs much farther down the body than the other.
Step 2 Gather the ends of the scarf at the nape of the neck and cross them behind the head.
Step 3 Form a rope by twisting the longer end; then lay along the front edge of the scarf approximately 1-2 inches from the edge (over the top of the head).
Step 4 Continue the twist around to meet the other, shorter, end of the scarf and knot the two ends together.
Step 5 The ends can be left loose to drape over or behind the shoulder, or may be guided along the back of the head and tucked under the scarf.

To see all of the other scarf tying instructions, click here.

Image(s) courtesy of http://www.texeresilk.com/cms-scarf_tying_guide.html

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