Guest Blogger Amanda Castro is "Jerseylicious"

I would like to introduce you to Amanda, accessory guru extraordinaire.  Here are her tips for ways you too can incorporate Jersey worthy bling into your wardrobe.
Amanda Castro
For some reason, I can’t get enough reality shows. So many guilty pleasures, so little time! My particular addiction however rests with those stations that really know how to play on my vices, fashion and gossip. Happily, Bravo and Style each serve up a decadent portrait on the stereotypical lifestyle of the rich, bitchy, and poorly dressed. The Real Housewives series, Kimora; Life in the Fab Lane, How Do I Look?, and new comer, Jerseylicious. The first time I selected it from the channel line-up, I was swimming in a sea of big hair, lacquered make-up, and animal print heaven! Where did this beautiful train wreck of a show come from and furthermore, when did reality TV get this good?! There’s something to be said for America’s recent captivation with the Garden State and I too have fallen for their strange flowers.

Jerseylicious stars several incredibly tan and fast talking stylists, a few of which enjoy a good fistpump or two. The ladies of the salon ooze a tasty, visual treat in skin tight clothing, shiny bronze skin, and acrylic nails to complete their cat-like quarrels. Sure there is one male stylist to help balance out the estrogen but let’s face it, we watch because we love the ladies! Who doesn’t want to be so seemingly free from judgement but quick to fight back? We can all relate to having a friend’s back when they needed it and then celebrating with some drinks and retail therapy.
Yet the best part about Jerseylicious is their bling. The bigger the better and the more the merrier. All I can say is, Hallelujah! I thought I was alone in that sentiment. I’m sure not all of you share my enthusiasm for baubles but there is a way to let your Jersey style shine, without it going to the docks.

First things first, avoid matching sets, specifically earrings and necklace sets, regardless if they’re evening or day-time specific. Sure they’re cute and pretty when they’re packaged together on a hot-tempered Italian gal but the minute you put them on, you look like Betty Homemaker who has no sense of her own style. You can achieve more interesting looks by dividing them up and wearing them with other pieces or with pieces that are similar, like Rachel Zoe did here in the April 2010 Issue of InStyle magazine.

Also consider a matching set that spaces out the pieces more evenly among your body, like earring and ring sets as seen in this H. Stern ad in the new Harper’s Bazaar. This way, you eye moves around your look and doesn’t land on the fact you’re wearing matching pieces. In fact, most people probably won’t even notice, which is why this type of set is ideal. Of course to make it Jersey-ready, layer on a few more rings and bracelets and you’re golden.

If you’re into the trend of statement jewelry but are afraid to completely take the plunge, try layering several more delicate pieces instead. On your arms, stack thinner bangles for a funky take on chunky bracelets. Around your neck, drape a few or several chains of different weights and textures for an edgy but still girly effect.  In fact, most contemporary necklaces come with several smaller chains already attached for those of you who are still a little apprehensive. For your fingers, I recommend seeking out some thin, hammered, stackable bands, about 9 total. They are great if you’re a little bit nervous about trying to combine and stack rings from your own collection. Etsy.com is a great source. In your ears should be a fabulous pair of brilliant, sparkling diamond studs. And if you can’t find those, fake it. Cubic zirconia or glass will substitute just find. And if that’s too girly for you, have some fun with it by using vintage pieces or unexpected shapes, like lightning bolts and feathers.

Though I doubt the Jersey shore will be washing away from out television sets any time soon, I think we can all take a little time to appreciate the blinging brilliance those perpetually bronzed ladies have served us. More is more and don’t think you can’t do it too, aight?!

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Amanda Castro said...

And as a quick PS- every girl needs a fabulous pair of silver and gold hoops. In Jersey, the size of a woman's hoops seems to be directly proportional to the size of her ego; however, they are a staple to a woman's jewelry box and the larger the size, the more dramatic the effect. They're always a classic but you can find ones that have their own personality, like jewel encrusted ones, beaded, engraved, etc. Just throw them on when you're in a rush and you'll always look put together.


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