Day 14: EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT on Shellac manicure in the San Francisco-Bay Area

So here they are, DAY 14.... see any chips?  NO.  Among regular wear and tear, these shellaced puppies survived two weeks of work, two airports and the hand washing dishes, CHIP FREE.
You can tell it's been a couple of weeks.  Look at that grow out.
 Surprisingly, this hard-to-chip hybrid polish is really easy to remove as well.
Step 1-Soak in Acetone
Step 2-Scratch off Shellac with an orange stick (cuticle pusher)
Soak and repeat as needed. DONE!
The best part of this whole process (other than the fact that the Shellac lasts at least 14 days) is that is causes no damage to your natural nail.  There's no "prepping" of the nail or abrasive filing.  Just soak and scratch off.  Simple.  I was also really please to see that there was no staining of my nails like you find with traditional red nail lacquer.

Finally, for the part you've all been waiting for......  I am so excited to announce that The Sanctuary Spa in the Marin Bay Club has agreed to offer my readers a $10 DISCOUNT on their Shellac manicure.  All you have to do is mention this blog post!  Hurry, the promotion only lasts until September 15th.  Book your appointment with Sarah before it goes back to full price.

Image(s) courtesy of Sanctuary Spa Marin Bay Club

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Alyssa Prentice said...

Jenn, your nails look fantastic even after 14 days! I cannot believe there are no chips! That's amazing. The Shellac manicure looks like something I definitely want to try because my manicures never last from working with my hands so much.

BTW...thank you for all the promos and offers! You really treat your clients, readers, & fans well!


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