The Best 14-Day-Chip-Free Manicure Ever: Get your hands on "Shellac" at The Sanctuary Spa Marin

It's been all over the magazines, including the September issue of .  I first heard about the "14-day no-chip hybrid gel nail polish" from my manicurist, Sarah, at the Sanctuary Spa at the Marin Bay Club.  I trust Sarah with my nails because she is a meticulous perfectionist, which is an important quality in a manicurist.  So when I found out that her perfect manicure could last a full 14 days without the slightest chip, I was sold.

This gift to all women who are disillusioned by traditional nail lacquer and its incessant chipping, comes from salon brand CND- Introducing Shellac.

To show you how easy, and frankly similar it is to a regular manicure, I took photos of my latest application.  I'm not usually a red nail person, but for the purpose of showing you guys what this stuff is capable of, I went bold to make sure everything (even any flaws) show up through the process.
Base coat of Shellac being applied (comes out of a regular looking polish bottle and everything).
After curing the gel under the UV lamp, first coat of the color is applied.
UV lamp (2 minutes max depending)
Final top coat being applied.
The end result?  Perfect red nails that won't chip for two weeks!
Removal process is simply to soak the gel in acetone and gently scrape off.  None of the hard removal of acrylic or traditional gel nails.  I've been told that you can do this at home, but most salons will tell you that you need to have a professional remove to protect your natural nail.

Word is spreading and now this stuff is hard to come by.  In fact, it's causing quite a bit of uproar because salons are having a hard time getting their hands on product (forgive the pun).  I consider myself very lucky that the spa manager at Sanctuary was able to get her hands on some for her clients... and for the small additional cost of $10 to a regular manicure.  Two weeks chip-free, even though you have to have it professionally removed... well worth it!!  A-

Make sure to book your appointment, by calling (415) 945-3030.

Image(s) courtesy of CND and Sanctuary Spa

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