Diane's high praises have left me speechless...

"It is such a STRUGGLE fending off compliments to my outfit today... REALLY!!!

...I see that the better I feel about myself, the less likely I am to indulge in an eating marathon.  The clothes you chose and the support you have given me make me feel incredible... having beautiful clothes when I am at my "fullest" has really had a profound positive impact on my self esteem."

People tend to think of fashion as being purely superficial.  But you'd be amazed at the way your appearance can lift/hurt your self-esteem.  Anyone who's ever felt over-weight knows what it feels like to have your outward appearance affect you negatively.  Like Diane (see her "after photo" on the FB page), did you ever stop to think that a wardrobe update might help build your self-esteem?

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