Fashionable Movies: "How to Marry a Millionaire" with Marilyn Monroe

I love old movies, and one of my favorites is "How to Marry a Millionaire" with Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable.  Marilyn didn't make many bad movies, and this certainly isn't one of those.  Without giving anything about the movie away (I'm hoping you'll want to see it for yourself), I've included a short synopsis (after the jump):
Not wanting her date to see her glasses (she's blind without them), Monroe inspects her outfit in the ladies room
During the hunt for their millionaire husbands,  the three models rent an upscale, furnished apartment, and live off of the sale of its furnishings.  I have to assume that a good portion of that money goes to their incredible wardrobes!
Outfits worn during the fashion show scene
This movie was made during a time when women's curves were celebrated and accentuated.  My, how times have changed- Marilyn was a size 12/14, and that was a good thing.  But I digress...  The point is, this movie is a vintage-loving-fashionista's fantasy. 
More outfits from the fashion show scene (why can't we shop like this any more?)
Bacall's trying not to fall for the "gas pump jockey", but keeps answering his calls.
When her millionaire comes back, Bacall realizes she won't have to sell off any more furniture.
I have to say this last outfit (above) is my favorite.  You can't see it as well here, but Bacall is sporting a huge poet sleeved blouse under a simple gray shift dress.  But you don't have to buy vintage to make this outfit work for you today.  To update this look for the 21st century, try this blouse and this dress.  Keep the hemline above/at the knee, and keep the accessories simple.

Impractical green/yellow skiing outfit, but oh-so-fabulous (best seen in color version of film).
What are you fashionable movie favorites?
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Ruby Martinez said...

Love that movie, especially that dark fuchsia dress w/the pleating. Billy Travilla is such an underrated costume designer.
Check out his beautiful sketches of his costume designs for some of the films he work along side with Marilyn.

DC GOP Girl said...

Love that movie too! Stumbled across your blog with the CoachPoppy thing. LOVE your header too. What a fantastic font!

Jennifer Axcell said...

DC GOP Girl- I've found some great new blogs myself thanks to the Coach Poppy thing. Such a great and innovative way to get exposure to other fashionistas. Thanks for stopping by~


Jennifer Axcell said...

Ruby, that is such a great website! There are photos of some of his work I have loved and didn't even realize were him. Thanks so so much for passing that website along.


Alyssa said...

I love this movie! Such great inspiration for fashion! I also love Barbarella, Bringing Up Baby, Gone with the Wind (of course!). And for more modern inspiration Factory Girl, Clueless (super cheesy, but super trendy at the time), Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I love, love the costumes from The Fifth Element. Very innovative & conceptual. I also absolutely love movie costumes such as The Young Victoria and Marie Antoinette!


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