Tips for Maximizing Your Closet

I previously blogged about the "closet clean out" process I go through with my clients, and how I help them maximize their current wardrobe.  How do I do this?  I take key pieces that are multi-functional and put them together into as many outfit possibilities as possible.  These pictures are from my client Lisa's wardrobe analysis.  I took the purple BCBG wrap sweater and completed three separate outfit ideas for her.

Lisa works from home, and has many occasions to wear jeans.  She wanted to update her look to have some more style.  It was more than just changing the tops and the shoes she paired with it.  Wrapping the sweater (image 2) and having it tie in the back added some visual interest.  Placing a black turtleneck sweater, pearls, and velvet pumps gives this outfit a bit more warmth.  The other two looks (images 1 and 3) are a bit more summery.

Lisa loved all three looks and will feel more than comfortable in any of them.

Image taken by Jennifer Held

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