Anna Sui for Target: Restyled Dress #1

The Anna Sui for Target line that was launched late last month had some great fashion finds at really affordable prices. Is that what we are all looking for these days? A shopping tip- don't let a dress on the hanger steer you away from trying something on. Remember that "trying on is free". Don't hesitate to find out for sure whether or not something will look good on you. If you like the fabric, give it a try.

I'll save you from the horror of what this dress looked like on me styled as suggested in the picture (left). One a full-figured woman, these high neck/shapeless dresses are often a big NO NO. But I could see it had potential with just a little bit of tweaking. Below are the pictures of one of the dresses I restyled from the "off the rack" version, into a fall-perfect outfit.

Dress #1: Metallic Jacquard Dress $59.99

First of all, I had to remove the fabric belt that came with the dress (see picture above). I replaced it with a stretch leather belt I already had (one that came with another shirt I had purchased years ago). The thick black belt showed nice contrast against my large chest. The black leggings kept me warm but also balanced out the heavier black leather belt from the thin fabric of the dress, as did the shoes. The proportions of heavy materials to light materials in this outfit keep any one part feeling too heavy.

Because I am not a huge fan of my arms (hey, we all have something we don't love about our bodies), I threw a black motorcycle jacket on top. It really set off the black booties and kept me warm on this foggy SF summer day.

Note the fall trends I incorporated:
  • motorcycle jacket
  • leggings
  • booties
  • belted dresses
Due to the shinny dress fabric, I kept the accessories minimal. The belt brings attention to the small part of my waist, and the cut out booties/leggings bring attention down to my feet. Because of the high neckline of the dress and jacket, I didn't use a necklace and just worse small silver studs in my ears. The only thing missing? A great chained handbag...

Top image and product details from Target.com

1 comment:

Jennifer Held said...

Erin Garvey's comment from FB:

"Looks great! How did you make the dress bubble at the bottom?"

My response:

"The dress was actually really shapeless with a lot of extra fabric. There was so much fabric that it just did this naturally once I put the structured belt on."


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