Tips to Maximize Your Closet Without Spending a Dime

This vary gracious client of mine allowed me to post her pics, but kindly requested I didn't identify her (fair enough).  These photos were taken during her in-home wardrobe consultaton.  Here are a few of the outfits we put together for her, using two black dresses and various layering techniques.  All items we pieces she already had in her closet... So much for "having nothing to wear".

You can't see it very well in these photos (my apologies), but we used her black vest and paired it with a couple of her jersey dresses.  In this first picture (left) the jersey dress was quite shapeless and looked like a sack on her nice frame.  By layering the fitted vest, it re-defined her waist line and accentuated her nicely shaped arms.  The necklace and black boots helped to complete the look.

The dress on the right was more of a sweater knot, and quite fitted.  The vest is layered on top added visual interest and dressed up a plain black sweater dress.  Obviously there were many other options we could have done with a great staple like a black sweater dress, but that's for another posting :)

We took the same black jersey dress (above left) and layered a gray wrap sweater on top.  Just like the vest, layering something more fitted on top of a shapeless dress can bring your wait line out of hiding.

In this last picture, the black sweater dress was belted and we threw a sweater coat on top.  The belt accentuates her nice waistline, and the sweater coat give the outfit a bit of ta-dah.  The beauty of this is that she can take the coat off and still look more put together than if she had just worn the dress alone.

What she learned most from this experience (and I've heard this many times before), is that she needs to be more open minded and creative with how she pairs items in her closet.  Any closet maximizes exponentially if you know how to layer and accessorize properly.  Don't limit yourself to the possibilities you may not even know you have in your closet already.

Images taken by Jennifer Held

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