Spring 2011: Matthew Williamson Arrives at Macy's Impulse

There's definitely a sweet spot in my heart for capsule collections. I remember my first purchase like it was yesterday: a green cotton tank top with a white, chain-link design by Proenza Schouler for Target. That was well over 3 years ago but I still have and love that top! Since then, I've thought designer collaborations were the greatest invention since sliced bread! These days I try to go visit- and purchase- a collection whenever possible. I love being able to have new, innovative designs available at my fingers tips and for a fraction of the price. Now, the king of the jet set has touched down at Macy's, just for us, bringing with him an orchestra of bold, boho-chic pieces.

Not a "basic" in sight...it's refreshing!

In an effort to bring their customer more fresh fashion, Macy's brought in Matthew Williamson, a designer with a penchant for bold prints and bits of glitz for round two of their burgeoning capsule series. Matthew's capsule collection is right on trend with loud color, easy silhouettes, and a 70's influence that's hard to resist, all available at the trendy/contemporary Impulse department of Macy's.

I am in LOVE with that yellow-shouldered, leopard top!

Some of these pieces are just too cute to resist! But that's the thing with capsule collections, they're "limited time only" situations. Better get there quick as this arrival has been buzzing around the internet for a few days now...pieces are sure to run out.

Matthew Williamson, man with the Midas touch

For now Matthew Williamson has the floor- no pun intended- but stay tuned as Macy's will continue shuffling in new designers every few months to keep their Impulse section up-to-date.
I wonder who will follow in the gilded footsteps of this great designer??

Image(s) courtesy of Google Image Seach


Celine said...

I went to check it out this weekend and I wasn't impressed. It looks pretty cheap in person :(

Amanda Castro said...

UGH SAD!! Thanks for the heads up though. I'll check it out too


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