How To Series: How to Prevent Hanger "Bumps"

9You know, in the shoulder!

Have you ever woken up in the morning, excited to wear that new sweater only to pull it off the hanger and see that it sprouted wings over night? And some days if it isn't a flying sweater it's a pointy blouse? Solving clothing conundrums should be in a stylists' bag of tricks and Beyond Black has got a solution up our sleeves. There are actually a couple of ways to help keep your clothing grounded and more appropriately rounded to your shoulder.

No-Pucks, nifty hanger attachments available for both wire and plastic hangers.

If you've got a closet filled with traditional plastic hangers, or even a stack of dry cleaning wire ones, these little "hanger accessories" are available to slope your hangers into an appropriate shape. Snapping them on essentially helps shape your hanger into a softer, curved angle meant to mirror the natural slope of your shoulders. Hangers with the more abrupt and angular shape make for more profound angel wings. 

How No-Pucks looks once attached to a wire hanger

The best way to capitalize on what you already own would be to buy an accessory that improves it, much like the No-Pucks. Then again, if you want your hanger to work for you, all the time, without an attachment, a thicker hanger will also work.

You should remember to match the weight of the item to the thickness of the hanger. If you have more coats and jackets, make sure your biggest hangers are reserved for them. The smaller strapped tops will do just fine on thinner hangers.

Of course, there is a back-end issue here as well: once you've fixed the hanger problem, how do you keep the shirt on? Those nice wooden hangers are quite slippery and unless you're hanging a crew neck, everything else is going to fall right off. The good news, The Container Store has you covered. (and on a totally separate side note, I LOVE the Container Store! Go visit one and you'll find out why).

Fuzzy strips keep shirts from slipping off

Only $1.99, these hanger strips are self-adhesive and will not only keep the shirt from slipping, it will also help hold it in place over the slope, thus further ensuring your shirts remains the proper shape.

Whichever direction you decide to go, each offers a perfectly good solution. Your clothes shouldn't be flying away anytime soon.

Image(s) courtesy of containerstore.com and hangerproducts.com

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