Anglomaniac Fever- A Wardrobe Stylist Weighs in on the Fashions of the Royal Wedding

iPhone pic of Us Weekly cover
Two good friends of mine got married in Tulsa last weekend, to each other.  On my way to the "oil capital of the world" I did a little bit of light reading on the plane (see above). Using the Us Weekly as my trusted source for all things British I eagerly flipped through the pages wanting to know all the details of the Royal Wedding.  I was merely a babe when Diana and Charles got married in 1981, so this is my real first exposure to the grandness of a Royal wedding.  Actually, it was not that long ago I married my own Brit...
... and learned first-hand a thing or two about traditional English weddings...  But my walk down memory lane will have to stop there because, I'll be honest, the planning days leading up to the wedding were the best of times, and the worst of times (planning this intimate shindig gave me my first gray hairs).  I can only imagine what goes into planning the Royal Wedding.  What I do want to touch base on was the fashion for the event that would forever cease my being as Jennifer Held. My husband Scott and I agreed, as far as the budget was concerned,  that we could each pick one thing that was so important to use that we really wanted to spare no expense in that department.  Big surprise to no one (you are reading my fashion blog) I chose the dress as my top priority.

Choosing the I do this for a living so it had better be perfect dress is no small task.  It takes a lot of patience, Spanx, and some know-how to get it done without loosing your sanity... no Bridezilla here folks.  Unlike Kate, I did not have famous designers vying for my attention.  Here are two of her dress options below:
Us Weekly
Us Weekly
Which dress will she pick?  You'll have to wait until April 29th, 2011to find out for sure.  While I'm sure it won't be the 2011 equivalent to Diana's large and in charge over abundance of silk and tulle fashion victim dress of the 80's with poof sleeves, it will have to have a certain amount of modesty to it.  While I'm never a big fan of looking like you're hiding in your clothes (or in this case a cake topper), she will have to be mindful not to show too much skin and wear a bra.  Remember the blown-out-of-proportion bra-less scandal?

Although their fairy-tale wedding won't end in a kiss- which isn't allowed in Westminster Abbey- I have no doubt it will be a princess' fashionable happy ever after.

Back on the plane reading my authority on all things British (Us Weekly), once I was done drooling over Kate's dress options, I got to thinking about what I would wear to the Royal Wedding... and how different that might be from what I was about to wear to my friends' wedding in Tulsa.
on the left in the green DVF dress from Bloomingdale's
While a jade green silk dress cut above the knees may not be acceptable in Westminster Abbey, it was a real hit in Oklahoma.  Which just begs the question, what would you wear to the Royal Wedding?

FYI- If you love my green DVF, check out this
GoJane dress as a cheaper alternative $11.95!!

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