Mad Men Style Sweeps the Nation: Are you a Betty or a Joan? A Pete or a Don?

With the 4th season of AMC's hit TV show Mad Men airing soon, they're doing a recap of all of the previous episodes to catch people up.  It's one of those shows my husband and I were never interested in until everyone starting raving about it, then we never started because we were behind.  Even if the show turned out to be crap (which it isn't), I would have loved it anyway due to the set and costume designs.

Now I've officially jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon.  (1) In my house- mid century modern is the one design style my husband and I can agree upon- and (2) in my closet because my curves love 1940-1950's era styles.  And I know I'm not the only one....

Banana Republic is showing their love by releasing a limited edition Mad Men collection in time for the fall season.  August 11th at 6:00PM (in select stores) you can shop the collection and drink a free "Mad-tini".  Receive a gift with purchase if you use your Banana Republic card.

Guys, they didn't forget about you...  "Are you MAD enough?"

Want something a little more literal?  Check out this Etsy shop for curvaceous creations that look like they came straight out of the show.

Image(s) courtesy of Google search. Quote from Banana Republic marketing.

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