"Honey Don't"- Men, What Not to Wear This Summer

In the article "Honey Don't: Menswear Faux-pas", Women's Wear Daily (WWD) asked some of their favorite fashionable ladies what their take on bad men's summer fashion looked like.  Some of the answers varied from obvious...

"...I don’t like that Speedos thing. I see it in France and Brazil all the time. In Brazil, it’s different, I think, because there that doesn’t count, it’s fine. But here…no." - Doutzen Kroes

...to equally obvious but pretty darn funny...

"A rhinestone T-shirt. You don’t look like a man. You look like an idiot." - Sophia Bush

I read this and had to add my two cents on the topic.  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area where tech is king, I've seen plenty of this "uniform"...

"Pleated khakis and short sleeved button-down shirts for work. Don't forget multiple cell phones attached to belt."- Jennifer @ Beyond Black

So I ask you, if you had the chance to ask your man "Honey, don't..." in regards to his wardrobe, what would you tell him not to wear this summer?



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