Kate Spade Paper, Something Worth Writing For

Many moons ago, my sister bought me a set of flat cards by Kate Spade. I'm an old soul at heart and prefer to write my thank you notes and most correspondence by hand (I'd say it's a dying practice) so these were the best gift. They arrived in a slim, sturdy, green box and had just the right amount of whimsy to tickle my fancy.

click the picture to open her collection page w/ Crane & Co.
There were two types of cards, both done on white cotton paper by Crane & Co. One set had "How the devil are you?" in a beautiful, embossed, gold script at the top of the card while the back envelope flap had a matching embossed silhouette of a devil, complete with horns and pitchfork. The other set said "See you later, alligator" as a signature and had a cute gold alligator on the envelope. They were absolutely adorable and I'm SO sad I don't have any left but I did find several more that are already on my birthday and Christmas lists :) (ps- the boxes make great stocking stuffers...just saying)...

Wouldn't you love getting this in the mail?! 10 notes/10 lined envelopes $20/box

This confetti design can be an invite or a friendly way to spread some cheer. $20/box

That tiny print on the card is an embossed name --> personalized note, $4.17 each

One always needs Thank You notes, $30/box

There are several more playful and pretty designs to choose from, many hard to resist. And if nothing in the Kate Spade Collection strikes you (which would truly baffle me), check out Crane & Co.'s other pieces*. Some are truly lovely:

Fern Notes, $14/box

Some are just darn cute:

Birdy notes, $14/box

While others speak to my inner fashionista:

Leopard (rawr!), $19/box

There's something for everyone on Crane & Co.'s website. I can foresee this becoming an addiction in my future- virtual window shopping their store. I hope you all also enjoy it. Happy Writing!


*My personal shopper's tip: 
Go to the website and hold the mouse over 'Stationery'. Look for the category "Boxed Correspondence" and under that click "folded notes". Tell me you don't get sucked in and find yourself yearning for a pen pal!

Image(s) courtesy of Crane & Co.

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