Remember the 90s

I just wanted to share a link with you all. It helps reveal why I love/miss the 90's so much. The style was easy and so wrapped up in nonchalance and comfort that by today's standards it seems sloppy. Nowadays I see immaculate style on girls who are quick to calculate an outfit, so much so I'd say it's become rather formulaic. We've seen this girl or some version thereof a thousand times:

The ubiquitous T-shirt and jeans kind of cool. Been there, seen that.

What I really miss is the slap-dashness of the 90's. I miss the plaid baby-doll dresses with DocMartens, vests, boxy blazers, jeans worn up to your nose, mismatched pieces, and the overall feeling of not caring (too much) about what you're wearing:

One of my fictional heroes: Angela Chase and her bff Rayanne Graff

The good news, it seems the 90s are slowly but surely still making their way into the mainstream, mostly because with all things in fashion, give it 20 years and it will eventually come back as "new". That and Pearl Jam is celebrating the 20 year anniversary release of their monumental album "Ten" this month. We should remember that music and the street were the engines that drove fashion back then and personally, I'm hungry to feel that kind of connection once more...

A more modern approach to a "vintage" style

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Britt+Whit said...

ahh that 90's was always fun! I am crushing on the 70's at the moment!

love from San Francisco,



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