Swimwear 101: Cover-Ups

Once you've found the perfect swimsuit that has you throwing caution to the wind and actually wanting to go out half naked in public, it's time to shop for the swimsuit cover-up.  They are, just like their name suggests, a way to cover up your newly sun-kissed skin.  I personally love a cute cover-up because they not only protect me from getting burned, they are what make a poolside outfit.  And let's be honest, the only time I actually want to see my thighs is while slathering them in sunscreen on my lounge chair.  We've come a long way from the muumuu as far as style.

Personal Shopper Picks: (from one of my favorite places to shop for swimwear, Victoria's Secret)

Trend #1: 70's Chic

VS Cotton Crochet Tunic Sweater $59.50

VS Striped Linen Cover-Up Sweater $49.50

VS Split-sleeve Romper $48

VS Tunic Cover-up $58

Trend #2: Brights

VS Solid Plunge Cover-up Tunic $33

VS Tie-waist Cover-up Dress $33
VS Neon Lace Cover-up $38

Trend #3: Neutrals & Whites

VS One-shoulder Crochet Cover-up $74

VS Beach Linen Knit-waist Short $29.50

VS T-back Romper $82

VS Beach Linen Zip-front Romper $39.50


Image(s) courtesy of Victoria's Secret


Celine said...

Is it wrong that I'd like to wear most of these as dresses?

Jennifer Axcell said...

No way is that wrong. In the right place, right time, I'd be sporting any one of these little white numbers as a dress with espadrille sandals.


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