Swimwear 101: Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Women

Because of my trip I'm having to face staring down at my glaring white thighs which haven't seen the sun in quite some time.  My goal is to come home in five days actually looking like I've been on vacation- a golden brown only Hawaii sun can give you.  But that means finding the right swimsuit while I melt in the 80+ degree weather.  It has to be cute, but also functional (no Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions please).

When shopping for a new suit this summer, make your first stop for swimwear at Anthropologie for a great selection of suits that will make your summer look complete.  Does "sexy on-piece" sound like an oxymoron to you?  Doesn't have to be.  See for yourself...

Personal Shopper Picks:

Laughing Gull One-Piece $318
Hit the sand looking like a goddess in this white oh-so-worth-the-price-when-you-see-their-jaws-drop swimsuit.  Very 70's and right on trend.

Plunging Halter Maillot $178
Who says one-piece swimsuits aren't sexy?  Noticing this 70's trend again?

Parched Desert Maillot $218

Is your best feature in the rear?  Show off your

Elephant Ears Maillot $160

Remember you don't have to wear black or brown to be neutral.  Try this mud khaki suit on instead.

Ruffle-Wrapped Halter Suit $158

I love the way this suit still defines your waistline.  If you love a wrap dress, you'll love this suit.

And just because I know not everyone is going to throw in the towel on their bikinis for the sexy factor, here's one more I just couldn't resist posting...

Golden Days Bikini Top $78
Golden Days Bikini Bottom $68

Tips for shopping for your next swimsuit:

Shop on a ‘good’ day. Don’t shop for your skimpiest items of clothing on days you’d rather not even be seen out of your home! Don’t set foot in a fitting room when you’re having a bad day, PMSing, going through a break-up or otherwise. Even if your feet or back hurt, stop.

A slightly snug fit in the changing room will keep your decency intact as you hit the pool. Remember that fabrics expand in the water! Second, remember that swimsuit sizing generally runs small because they need to be fitted. If you’re more of a sun worshiper than a water baby, go for what feels most comfortable and gives you the least amount of tan lines.

Take the stress out of the trying on. Shop online and turn your home into a stress-free fitting room.
Go custom! Online stores like Victoria’s Secret swim shop have a large selection of suits, many of which are separates that you can mix-n-match.

-excerpt from my interview with 944 magazine



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