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Because sometimes we all need a break and on that break we want pretty things to look at (and if you're anything like me, which is a truly addicted shopper) then you're going to love these!

I believe every self-respecting gal should wear a watch and Macy's has rolled out some big guns. They're an instant piece of bling but they're functional so you don't ever feel like you're trying to be someone you're not. Anne Klein does really great watches (I'm actually wearing one now that I love. It's two-tone of gold and silver with a white pearl face and small crystals at the hour marks. Gorg!) and these are no less fabulous than a more familiar luxury brand like Rolex.

The rose gold, leather, and evening styles are STUNNING and perfect for pretty much any occasion and any outfit. Click on any of the images to be redirected to Macy's Anne Klein watch selection.

I love me a nice, leather watch. These are feminine, not bulky, and perfect to adorn any wrist. A great example of a classic watch.

Rose Gold was just beginning to gain traction a couple years ago and now stores are all about it. It's a great alternative to traditional gold and silver watches

If you're one of those people who feels naked without a watch on, but you've got a cocktail type event coming up, do yourself a favor and get an evening watch. These are elegant enough that they'll look more like bracelets rather than watches when you wear them and they won't compete with your look.

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