Top 5 Tips to Make YOU a Better Shopper!

One of the main concerns I hear from clients is that they feel like they're not good shoppers. Plus, they're busy so when they do find the time to shop it's on a weekend...and the day ends up not being productive but instead overwhelming as more and more people fill up the store, just as eager to shop, and then you end up leaving feeling deflated and bruised from being pushed around. Let me tell you something, don't fool yourself- weekend shopping is like Black Friday only with just-under-the-skin hysteria instead of full out espionage. I've been working as a personal shopper in this city long enough to know that what you really need is a game plan if you even think about shopping on a Saturday. And when you're in the Mecca of shopping destinations, aka downtown San Francisco (yes, we are definitely big enough to call ourselves a sartorial Mecca), you need to be smart. And the smarter you are in the attack, the quicker you'll be through and onto a glorious lunch with drinks.


- Get there when they open. Seriously. It's usually 10am. Just do it.

- Know your exits and bathroom locations. Again, seriously. If you've got family in tow or kids with temperamental bladders, you need to be able to move quickly.

Be like this woman! Grab multiple pairs
- Shop shoes first. I know it sounds backwards but trust me, if you're going on a weekend, that department gets slammed pretty quickly. Plus, when the store's just opening it's quieter so chances are good you'll have an associate all to yourself. **EXTRA TIP ** Keep yourself on-budget by buying only what you NEED, not what you love...sorry. I know the shoes are pretty but you DON'T need them all!

- In clothing, look for areas that are merchandised with a color palette you tend to wear/look good in OR those that are item specific, like a rack with only dresses or coats. If you're working from a list (which you should be) you can check off the specific items after perusing these racks.

- In accessories by a harsh critic. You can easily pick up 5 pieces (or is it just me?) and have inadvertently added $-$$$$$$ dollars to your end total. Be mindful! Buy only what you need. But if you don't have anything, buy gradually. Start with what you need, like a scarf and hat over earrings and a bracelet, and work your way up from there.

See, don't you feel good now?! I bet you're ready to tackle the weekend warriors, those ever vigilant shoppers who've turned a pastime into a sport. Good luck!
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