Problematic Pit Stains Perished Permanently

2010 ended on a client high note with Maureen (not her real name).  One of her big concerns were pit stains.  It's not that she gets hot all the time, she just sweats a lot.  Which, unfortunately, I can relate to.  My weapon of choice, armpit guards.

Behind the Seams Pretty Underarm Protection
I love drugstore.com because they have everything.  One check into their inventory turned up two armpit guard options.

The first, from the same company that brought you "fashion tape" made famous by Jennifer Lopez's Grammy dress.  For $10.99 the Behind the Seams Pretty Underarm Protection pads keep underarm wetness and odor off your clothes.

The second, My Dry Antiperspirant Pads for $7.99. Having this barrier between your clothes and your armpit will prevent not just the wet stains under your arms, but also those annoying white stains on your darks and yellow stains on your whites.  While not cheap to purchase on a regular basis, they will help you save on your dry cleaning.

For more delicate fabrics that you won't want to put adhesive on, purchase an undershirt with moisture wicking properties like this Spanx cami.

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