SPANX you can layer?!

That's right! We all love SPANX. They smooth, the flatter, they diminish, and they shape. But nobody wants to wear them in the heat and sometimes they're just a little too bulky under our more delicate of garments. What's the solution? A quick slip into the new Skinny Britches by SPANX. They're sheer, lightweight, and you can layer them to control the kind of slimming and shaping you want. BRILLIANT! A blend of nylon and lyrca compose what SPANX describes as a "light weight compression mesh".

Nude Short, $42-$45

They come in three styles: shorts, high-waisted shorts (tummy trimmers), and hipster briefs. You can put on up to three layers, the third being the most slim and trim, lean and mean you can get. Personally, I think this idea is great. If you have a lightweight dress you love but don't enjoy its clingy nature around your thighs, you can put on one of two layers these Skinny Britches and feel smoother but not heavier in seconds! 

Black Tummy Tucker, $46-$50

They also come in a fun assortment of colors which are nice to add a little variety to your 'unmentionables' drawer. I suggest getting a few in the basic colors as they'll stretch your dollar and go with more items in your closet. Nude and black should suffice for most of the clothing in just about everyone's closet. The lightest color they offer is called 'pure' and looks good as the hipster brief, which is said to give you a cute and shapely behind.

Pure Hipster Brief, $32-$35

Oh and sorry gents, you're not free from the clutches of shapewear either. There are indeed SPANX for men. They also come in the new compression mesh and are meant to suck you in and give you better definition around your torso. If you ever need to fit into a small suit in a hurry (hey, it could happen!) then pick up one the SPANX shirts and you're good.

Cotton Compression V-neck, $58

Cotton Compression Tank, $55

Cotton Compression Crew, $58


Image(s) courtesy of SPANX

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