Levi's Curve ID UPDATE

As some of you already know, I recently took a quick day-trip into the city with my sister to try on a pair of the much-hyped Levi's Curve ID. In a previous blog, I reveal the unique design of the jeans, as well as my own misfortune at not finding my jean soul mate within their selection. However, my sister was way more fortunate and sent over some before and after pics of her in the fancy new jeans she bought. As you're about to see, she looks great! No gap at the back, a perfect fit through the hips and thighs, a nice length, and more importantly, her butt looks amazing! All these small elements that can make or break a pair of denim.

In my personal opinion, the Levi's Curve ID have the most potential, out of any jeans a curvy girl can possibly try on anywhere, to look great the first time. What a relief right?! Walking into a dressing room with your chances already in your favor is like having a personal stylist ;) You've heard it here first though, free of charge.
Hopefully, you'll see the difference of how a great pair of denim can transform your derriere.

On the Left: good length but saggy knees, too relaxed in the hips, and a droopy waist.
On the Right: BETTER! Snug fit through the hips and thighs, the darker wash makes her look slimmer, but the overall length could be better. I would hem it about a 1/2" and also have a tailor taper from the back of the knee to the ankle for a slimmer cut jean. (that runs about $30).

On the Left: Pockets are too far apart. Your eye follows the top line of the pockets which gives the illusion of a wider behind. They sit too low, causing our eye to view her butt as "saggy". They look as though they're resting on her and not hugging her.
On the Right: AMAZING!! The pockets are the perfect size and close enough together to depict a smaller butt. The fit through the hips is perfectly snug, giving the impression of a nice, perky rear end. Plus, I notice a definite lift, don't you?

On the Left: Some serious gap at the back. If she were to let go, she'd have a big case of flat-butt syndrome. Not good.
On the Right: NO GAP AT THE BACK! She looks long and lean, with a butt you can see, which if you haven't guessed it, is what makes your butt look good in jeans; when you can see it.

I'm sure you're thinking, "but they're brand new jeans. Of course they look good!" Yes, that's true but not entirely. For one, the Levi's Curve ID jeans maintain their elasticity over time and keep hugging your curves- like they should! The waistband is thicker and hips won't stretch out, saving you from a lifetime of the pants dance. (Constantly pulling up your pants throughout the day). For two, my sister took these pictures back in late September, a full week after she bought them and wore them out of the store! Her only complaint to date is that they've stretched in the leg and gotten a little more relaxed looking. Other then that, they're still her favorite pair of jeans.


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