Celebrity Style Spotlight: Guest Blogger Amanda Castro LOVES Maggie Gyllenhaal's Style

It was during this year’s Oscars that I became a converted fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s as a source for sartorial inspiration. The Dries Van Noten dress she wore was a stunning example of the lovely marriage between artful textiles and great design.  There’s emotion in the black brush strokes of the calligraphy, all hanging, frozen in a sea of royal blue and purple. The print seems almost alive, a moving piece of the garment. The choice to leave the last foot or so of the dress blank balances out the weight of the print with the style of dress. In other words, she doesn’t drown in it. All qualities for creating a truly artistic and beautiful image, but on a dress. Not since seeing a Vivienne Westwood retrospect at SF’s De Young museum back in 2007 have I been so moved by a single piece of clothing. In this moment, Maggie Gyllenhaal is the manifestation of modern beauty.

She knows how to embody the drama of the couture and balance it with femininity and a gloss of throwback glamour. Miss G has a style that balances the art of design with contemporary fashion. She is a unique beauty and great talent whose style seems to be naturally progressing. She knows her body well, is not afraid to take risks in volume and color, and knows how to effortlessly seduce you with subtle nudes and pastels. One word and that is, romance.

In this month’s Vanity Fair, I was happy to find another image of Miss G looking oh so fab in a belted fur vest. I thought, wow! This gal makes another appearance in something that completely captures my internal clothing compass. Eager for more, I dug a little deeper...what other images have I been missing? More importantly, what has she been wearing SINCE the Oscars?! Turns out, I have to pay closer attention! There are several moments where Miss G arrives looking fabulous, always encapsulating romance and glamour on a contemporary stage. She has my undivided attention. My vote: keep and eye on her.

Here are several more images for you all to enjoy:

2009 Oscars in Proenza Schouler (source: blog.modcloth.com)

Golden Globes 2009, Lanvin (source:lelaluxe.onsugar.com)

Golden Globes 2009, RM by Roland Mouret (source: stylebistro.com)

Nanny McPhee Returns premeire 2010, Vionnet (source: style.com)

~I love the open, cream panel down the side!~

(source: blogs.babble.com)

A day off with her kid. So cute!


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