Spanx for Men: Yes or No?

My female clients know of my love/hate relationship with Spanx.  I don't always like having that extra layer (especially on hot summer days),  but I hate lumps and bumps more than a little extra sweating.  For many women like myself, shapewear is a necessary evil.  And now men can have the same experience [inset evil laugh here].  Introducing Spanx for men!
While I'm not sure anything other a diet or being stuffed into a sausage casing is going to make you look 10 pounds thinner, I do believe that shapewear can smooth out your lumps and bumps.  And this shouldn't be a luxury just for women (Lord knows the other options for guys aren't so great).  I know I couldn't wear half of my closet if I didn't wear Spanx.  So in the name of fashion, I am going to force my husband to test out these little beauties for you guys. 

Stay tuned for pics from my very unconvinced husband....

Image(s) courtesy of barenecessities.com

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