How Your Boobs Change

Ladies, did you know that your breasts will change shape, size and distribution, on average, 6 times during your life?  I found this interesting article on {Intimacy} about the subject:

Here are some of the lifestyle events that cause breast changes:
  • Weight loss or gain can mean reduced breast size, less tissue elasticity, loss of firmness or increased needs for support.
  • Birth control, hormone replacement therapy, cortisone and other medications can cause water retention and effect hormone levels in a woman's body. This can mean an increase in breast size of up to one cup.
  • An increase in exercise for younger women may tighten pectoral muscles, which can improve uplift to the entire breast area. A decrease in exercise can cause a decline of body fat, thus reducing a woman's bra size or firmness. (Breast tissue is not muscle. The pectoral muscles lie behind breast tissue.)
  • Pregnancy and/or nursing puts demand on tissue and skin resiliency. Most women lose firmness due to increases of at least 1-2 cup sizes. If nursing, the constant fill up and flow during lactation stresses the breast. While nursing, a woman should not use underwire bras, as they do not allow enough growth during the numerous lactation cycles.
  • Breast augmentations require the same support as normal breasts. Skin elasticity and resilience is influenced more by an individual’s genetics than by operational procedures, enlargement size or where the enlargement is placed (under or over breast tissue.)
  • A change in diet may affect the percentage of body fat, fluids or protein your body needs to metabolize and nourish the breast tissue. Radical changes can result in hormone imbalance, loss of hair, and is not generally recommended
*Source:  In research we conducted with over 500 women, 55% of respondents reported one or more lifestyle changes during the past year. 

I found this interesting little tidbit while reading a blog post about the booming business of large figure bras.  Being a large breasted woman myself, I am looking forward to having a larger selection of pretty bras made available to me.
Image courtesy of Bare Necessities

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