Before/After Pics: A Guide to Dress-Down-Fridays

My client was gracious enough to let me post before/after pics of him all over the internet (thank you!).  Cliff, a sex/relationship coach in the south bay, wanted to dress up his casual beach style to be a bit more professional.  Not working in an office setting, he didn't want to look like he worked in a cubicle, but did need to step it up a bit from his surfer style.
Cliff is not my first male client having issues with their dressy-casual clothing.  Whether it's casual Friday or date night, many men are unsure how to dress to impress without wearing a suit.  Take it from me, just throwing on a jacket over your favorite tee, a pair of dress shoes and your cleanest pair of jeans is not cutting it (you know who you are :)
We took Cliff out of his over-sized button down shirts and tees, and put him into more fitted layers in darker hues.  These darker tones, even on this red head, look stronger, more powerful and sophisticated.  Together with the better fit and more masculine colors, he's more approachable, professional, confident and ready to break into a larger client base.  What do you think?  How does your dressy-casual look compare?

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Alyssa said...

I absolutely LOVE the plaid jacket Cliff is sporting in the second photo. Great choice-still a classic choice as a blazer but updated with the plaid print.

I always have difficulties picking outfits for the dressy-casual look. Am I over-dressed or what is considered too casual? Sometimes there's a fine line between the two depending on what type of event you are dressing for. But as you suggested above, sticking with the darker hues and choosing fitted/tailored pieces makes for a more sophisticated look. A great fit always makes such a difference (as you can see from the fit of the button down shirts in the before & after shots). I also tend to choose a more classic piece maybe paired with a trendy or edge piece to maintain the professional look yet stylish outfit.


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