Put Myself in Your Shoes: A Trip Through My Personal Wardrobe Consultation

More often than not, as soon as I walk into a client's closet, one of the first things out of their mouths is, "Well I don't have a lot of stuff." And most times they are surprised at what they actually do have. Amazing how we forget the things we have when we gut stuck in the "I have nothing to wear" mentality. Truth be told, even I fall into that myself sometimes. Part of ,my problem is that I have a lot of clothes, and don't always remember what I have because I haven't been able to see it!

So I'm moving. Having to downsize into smaller temporary housing before my boyfriend and I get married. I am having to choose which items I need for the next three months, and which items can be stored at my boyfriends place. All-in-all, I have to downsize, MAJORLY.

I can't believe I crammed so much stuff into my closet. Granted it's a walk-in and this is only one side of it... And the scary thing is, I wear most of it (at least 90% depending on my current weight). Keep in mind that some of it is seasonal and can't be worn year round. Case-in-point: the pink-belted snowboard pants on the left.
Once I started pulling everything out, I had two of these rolling racks filled with clothes!!!
These are the items I have set aside to give to Dress for Success San Francisco, and to send out for consignment for cash to help with moving expenses (and maybe a new pair of shoes). I usually take my consignment pieces to JLSF's Next-to-New Boutique.These are the items I have partially set aside and partially folded to go out for donation to the Salvation Army.

And I couldn't make this blog post without mentioning the brave efforts and patience of my fabulous boyfriend for sitting through 4+ hours of listening to me talk about the memories I had of the last time I wore something he hadn't seen before.

So I have all of the hanging stuff sorted through, at least "round 1" anyway. I think I am going to skip over the folded items (mostly gym clothes and jeans) and head straight to the shoes...
...and this isn't even half of them :) More to come, stay tuned.

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