Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starts Today: Beyond Black Was There for the Start

I am one of those crazy morning people that everyone loves to hate because I am perky and bright first thing in the morning, no coffee required. But even I have a general rule of not shopping before 10am. I made an exception this morning to hit up the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here in SF's Westfield Centre.

So at 7am sharp, my friend Lindsey and I were one of the many people standing outside of the elevators waiting to go up.

There were sales throughout the entire store on tons of items. I couldn't help but try on a couple <$60 tops. Lindsey found some great things, including this cute dress for work.

We both left feeling quite satisfied that we didn't break the bank. And we are both still happy with Nordstrom for taking our lean pockets into consideration, even if we didn't get a 7am arrival announced with confetti and clapping :)

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