Hors d'oeuvres, Not the Main Meal: Buying Into Designer Clothing Labels With Accessories

I love this quote from one of my favorite books "The Meaning of Sunglasses And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable," by Hadley Freeman:

"The reason more women will spend $1,400 on a Chloe handbag than they will on a Chloe dress is well known... a-bag-never-makes-you-feel-fat. And its appeal to designers is equally simple: it sells faster...

Once accessories operated, the way perfume still does to an extent, as a compensating taster for those who wanted a bit of designer label action yet couldn't afford to commit to a full-on relationship. But now accessories themselves have become just as expensive as the frocks because, as designers have learned, there really are some people out there who will pay $1,000 for a Marc Jacobs knitted hat." pg 1-2

Admittedly, my closet does contain more than one pair of $800+ shoes. Which is why I know that designer accessories cost much more than their clothing counterparts these days. I too have fallen into the marketing pitfalls of buying into designer labels. Having dealt with my weight my entire life, I also know the value of a pair of designer shoes that always fit :)

For ways to keep those $800 shoes nice, see my previous post about adding rubber soles.

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