Hump Day Special!- My Personal Fashion Icon

I have loved this chick since the moment I saw her. I thought to myself, yes! That's exactly what I've been wanting to dress like my entire life! It was love at first sight. Taylor Tomasi Hill is the artistic director to luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi and I think she's the sexiest fashion cyborg to ever rule in this industry. In a word, she is fierce!
But I digress. To bring it back down to earth, this particular image of Taylor is a study in layering, specifically the tops. A slim fit buttonup worn under a larger (men's? possibly) button, in the same color palette with the juxtoposition of a pattern and solid= brilliant idea. You get instant style and an additional layer for warmth. One thing I'd add however, some baubles. Knowing me, it'd be a statement necklace with a stud earring, both with some sparkle. 

Hopefully this post helps carry you forward into April with a little extra skip in your step.


Image(s) courtesy of Jak&Jil Blog

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