Hump Day Special!- Snake Skin & Stripes

Anh of 9-to-5chic blog does a perfect blend of business casual and edgey while also being feminine. In this recent installment, she jazzed things up by wearing more than one pattern at once. She mixed a striped dress with a snakeskin shoe. But she didn't stop there. She's also wearing a collared shirt *underneath* her dress (layering folks. It's all about building), a bright white/cream moto jacket and for kicks, flats! Her whole persona is just smart, feminie and edgey- a sure thing, as far as outfits go. It also happens to transition from day to night nicely. Simply remove the blouse underneath, add a big necklace and heel, convert the bag to be more night-appropriate by tucking away the cross-body strap and, boom goes the dynamite! You're good to go!


Image(s) courtesy of 9to5chic.com

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