Memoirs of my morning at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale

waiting with at least 50 other women for the elevators to open
My amazing friend Lindsey gets me up at 5:45 every year to get coffee and gear up for the doors to open at Nordstrom Westfield Centre.  7am hits and we are first into the elevators.  With quiet anticipation, the very full elevator explodes onto the sales floor and spills forth into the shoes...
The damage done in the shoe department (my CC is starting to smoke already)
With the game plan in play and shopping lists in hand, we head from shoes up to the clothes.  Using the circled and dog-eared preview catalog as my compass, I glide through the clothing racks (dodging the other shoppers) searching for the perfect tops on sale to wear with my jeggings.
My morning hair and yoga clothes (hey, it was 7am at THE MALL!)
After bogarting the fitting room for over 30 minutes (exiting to glares from the ladies in line), I end this early morning madness with a final stop in the lingerie department.  I'm bummed to find out that, along with my waistline, my boobs are growing as well.  So I take this opportunity to try on larger bras (on sale for under $40!) to wear with the shapewear now practically required with every outfit.

Surprisingly, once I get home and walked through the door with my many bags, the first thing I can't wait to try on again are the over the knee socks I picked up last-minute.  After giving it all the once-over in my own mirror (why do clothes sometimes look different on you once you're home?) I am satisfied that I only need to return one item; the flats that made it into my bag in the wrong color.

If you listen really carefully, you can still hear my credit cards crying out for help!

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Alison said...

Wow! Sounds fantastic. Looks like you got some great bargains. Not sure I could pull myself out of bed that early though - even for a great sale!


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