--UPDATED-- Final Thoughts on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

So it's finally day 4.   Tuesday morning 9:30am, the day I get my hair washed for the first time since getting the keratin treatment on Friday.  I can't wait to see it clean and styled the way I like it.  I'm going to spare myself the humiliation of posting yet another humiliating picture of myself on the world wide web (because my Facebook page has enough of those already), and not post a picture of it as it is now. My hair is pretty scary at the moment.  I've pulled out my largest and darkest pair of sunglasses to wear to the salon in hopes no one recognizes me.  If I thought it was flat and slightly greasy before, well, I think I could fuel my car with the amount of oiliness it has after four days.

I'm off to the salon now.  I'll post the results as soon as I get home...

It feels so good to heave clean hair!

I can't begin to tell you enough how glad I was to have my hair washed.  Once I was washed and plopped my butt into the chair, the first thing I noticed was how easily Jeremy combed through my wet hair.  That little fine-toothed comb went sailing through my locks like butter... smooooth.  The end result, super soft and manageable hair.  While drying, he just used his fingers to style.  And look how nice and frizz free it is!

All in all, I think this is an amazing product for straight hair and am excited to wash it at home and let it air dry to see what it does with my natural waves.  We'll see if it really lasts the 3-6 months like they say.  The process was painless, but unfortunately takes four days to set in.  Four days that I did not leave the house for fear someone would recognize me.  But so far, it was worth it!  I'm giving the Brazilian Blowout an A- (minus only due to the four-day-scalp-oil-slick I had to deal with).

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Jennifer Axcell said...

It's only a few days shy one one month with this product in my hair. And I've gotta tell ya, it's still great! Finally, more good hair days than bad. And I'm still saving a bunch on styling products, haven't had to subject my hair to any heat other than the dryer, and am saving a bunch of time getting ready because my hair requires no styling. WORTH EVERY PENNY SILL!


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