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Hi, Sarah says,
Hey Jennifer!
I wanted to let you know I put up a review for you on Yelp! It's long, I wanted to share my experience as a newbie to personal shopping. I hope it will help someone else decide to take the plunge! Thank you so much for everything, and for continuing to keep me updated on styles and sales! I love it!

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Beyond Black

San Francisco, CA
Reviewed by Sarah H.
When I moved to SF, I got rid of all the clothes I didn't like or didn't fit well or were worn out, etc. I guess that was pretty much everything... once I moved in and looked at my nearly empty closet I realized I was going to have to do some major wardrobe basics shopping.

With the pain of throwing out so many clothes still fresh, I came across the "personal shopping" category on Yelp. I didn't really know such a thing existed (besides for celebrities) but after learning how reasonable Jennifer's rates are, I realized this was within my reach and would be a good investment. I reasoned the extra money I would spend on bringing in a professional would make up for what I would probably waste in repeating my past mistakes.

Jennifer came in and assessed my closet, showing me what kinds of items I should look for to flatter my body and fit my lifestyle. She also took note of the kinds of clothing items I was attracted to and what kind of style personality I wanted to project.

When I met her for our shopping trip, she had already filled several stores' dressing rooms with a ton of clothes so I could get to work trying things on and seeing the outfits she had put together for me. She managed to capture my sense of style perfectly, picking out things that just felt like "me" without me even knowing what exactly that meant. She pulled things off the rack that I would have never grabbed, but once I saw them on me, a whole world of wardrobe possibilities opened up in my mind. She taught me how to mix and match things with a constant eye on what is most flattering for my particular shape.

She also helped me stick to my budget, shopping at stores that would allow me to get as much bang for my buck, since I had so many holes in my closet to fill. In such a short time, Jennifer helped me accomplish what seemed like an impossible task, and now I'm excited to get dressed every day. No more "nothing to wear" mornings!

Jennifer's really skilled and knowledgeable at what she does, and also genuinely personable and fun. I feel like I can ask her a question any time, or hire again if I need more shopping help. She also occasionally sends emails checking in, info about sales, or if she sees something in a store that she thinks you'll like. It's clear that she really loves what she does! I definitely recommend giving personal shopping a try if you never have, and Jennifer's a great resource. I'm glad I made the investment!

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