Product Review: The Invisibelt- "All Belt No Bulk"

I can't tell you enough how many times I get clients telling me about their woes when it comes to finding pants that fit correctly. And the number one problem is that their waistlines are smaller than average to their hip sizes, leaving a nice big gap in the back of their pants.

I fit into this category myself. My first suggestion to the other women out there finding this a problem, is to look for companies/brands that sell styles of pants cut specifically for this reason. For example, the denim line Joe's Jeans, carried by most major department stores, has a "honey" cut jean that comes in in the waist and is a bit roomier in the butt and thighs. And if you still have some extra room in there, take them to a tailor and have them taken in.

But what if you can't get to the tailor in time and you just have to wear that brand new pair of jeans? Are you wearing belts all the time to keep your pants up, but hate the all-too-wonderful belt buckle bulge you get under your shirts?

In the mail today I received a product that addresses this very issue. Myself, along with a couple other women, wore the invisibelt for a week with various outfits. It's been featured in People, Lucky and Shape Magazine, and retails for $19.95. Here is our honest (unpaid) review of the product.

Invisibelt's Claims*: -eliminate the unsightly bulge caused from bulky belt buckles -gives the support of a belt with a flat, clear and smooth finish -provides an instant slimming effect -enables women to wear fitted sweaters over pants or skirts- no trace of a belt buckle detected -unique adjustable waist size (sizes 0-14) makes it ideal for the average woman. Larger size belt fits up to 4x -available in "naked" (clear) or "noir" (black)

What We Found:
the pros:
- Having two color options was nice to have (there are more colors arriving and others already available on the invisibelt website)
- Once we figured out how to adjust the belt properly (there is a how-to video online) there was a nice snug, but not tight, feel like your pants were not going to need to be pulled up all day long
- Because there was not a traditional buckle, there was no bulge under a shirt (BUG PLUS+)
- The belt was a nice width so that it didn't feel like it was cutting into any belly fat or love handles
- Worked very well under a long tunic style shirt and jeans

the cons:
- when wearing a dress pant with a bit of silkiness to it, the belt seemed to ride up past the belt loop and sit against the skin on your back (possibly due to not tightening enough first)
- All reviewers wished that the belt came in a fabric or leather so that when seen (such as when you sit down in a chair and your shirt tends to ride up), it looked more like a traditional belt

But just like the inventor, Kathy, says on the website's how-to section, "it's about function, not fashion." I personally appreciate the thought that went into this product. Definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that" kind of moments. However, just like the clear bra strap, while functional, it isn't the most comfortable or stylish. When it comes to plastic in outfits, it is better to not be seen at all than to be seen wearing plastic.

I give this product a B+ for ingenious design, ease of use, and functionality. Let us know when a leather version comes out!

*Images and information courtesy of invisibelt


Jennifer Held said...

Additional Review:

I gave a client one of these belts to test out. She has a very defined hourglass figure and suffered from drooping/gaping waists. Here is what she had to say:

"I'm wearing it right now! It's totally saving my Martin & Osa
stretched out jeans! I agree that it could be better if it were
leather, but it's better than nothing!"

Sarah H.

Amanda Castro said...

I TOTALLY WANT ONE! I love the long, baggy top look and can't stand when my buckle gets in the way and gives me a weird protrusion right at my midsection. So unattractive. Can't wait to get one :)


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