Lucky Magazine: October 2009- My Mailman Hates Me!

Every Fall my mailman must hate me. I am one of those fashionistas that subscribes to one too many fashion magazines (the list is too long to name). So many of the magazines have 600+ glossy pages covered in fashion I would give my left arm for (which, once gone, still wouldn't get me even close to the weight in which I would need to be to wear most of the items comfortably :). But I digress....

I was in Tahoe on "vacation" for Labor Day with some of my friends. While trying to disconnect from the world as we know it, my friend Gina and I scrolled through tons of websites looking for a new over-sized work bag for her (can't seem to leave the fashionista at home). What we should have done was just flip through the latest issue of Lucky Magazine.

Here are my tricks to finding a good work bag:
  • If you're going to invest in an expensive bag that's going to last... you want the style to have staying power as well. Look for something either in a neutral tan or black.
  • If you're going for color, don't spend your rent on something everyone is going to remember you've been carrying around every day for 3 years just to make it worth the price.
  • Go easy on the hardware and keep it simple.
  • Make sure the bag is large enough to hold all of your essentials (laptop, books, change of shoes, etc) including a smaller handbag to take with you to lunch.
  • Buy one with a shoulder strap or handles long enough to wear over your shoulder. The bigger the bag, the heavier it tends to get. Make sure you have a comfortable way to carry your load.
  • Having ample pockets inside (or an easy to reach pocket outside for essentials) because it's vital to keep your bag from being a bottomless pit for small items you will never be able to find (may my Chanel No5 lost in my Chloe bag R.I.P).
Might I suggest this Calvin Klein bag from the October issue? I love the raspberry color, the simplistic design, and the braided handles. Available at select Macy's.

Images scanned from my copy of Lucky Magazine's October 2009 Issue.

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