Poll: What's Your Unapologetic Fashion Vice?

Lucky Magazine asked their editors "what's your no-apologies splurge?" There were designer brands thrown out, Chanel, La Mer. Which are both amazing choices I might add. But what else do you expect from a fashion editor, right?

I want to know what the average woman is
willing to spend her money on without a care. What is your unapologetic fashion vice?

Images scanned from my copy of Lucky Magazine's October 2009 issue.


Jennifer Held said...

Kassaundra Gutierrez-Thompson commented on my FB post:

"crocs, but not the original kind...I opt for the maryjanes or modern sandles...but yes CROCS"

Jennifer Held said...

Catherine Field Schwebel commented on my FB post:

"I have to echo the comfy but cute shoes (is that an oxymoron though?!) Oh, and denim skirts, but cute ones too!"

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